Man and Van - Cost Reduction

Man and van-type services are becoming an ever more popular choice when it comes to moving house or house clearance partially due to the extra flexibility they offer and of course their lower costs compared to larger, dedicated removal companies.

Northampton is an extremely large and highly populated town with its fair share of residents either moving house or clearing out unwanted items so man and van services in Northampton are kept very busy.

Although comparatively low in price, even more savings can made on man and van services by following a few simple tips that will reduce the amount of time they are on site and consequently the cost to you.

Northampton has a large number of terraced properties where access is often restricted so when it comes to packing, ensure all items are securely boxed or bagged and not left lying around in hallways or doorways – unobstructed access will enable man and van services to do their job faster.

Empty drawers and other storage vessels enough so they can be easily carried and save more time by disconnecting appliances such as cookers, fridges, dishwashers, freezers and washing machines.

Make sure garden tools like lawnmowers, strimmers and shears are clean and suitably covered so mud and grass doesn’t get transferred to your other belongings whilst they are on the van.

Don't overpack boxes or crates to a point where they are too heavy to move; if you and another can’t lift it then neither can the man and van team.

Finally, if you are moving only a short distance, say from one Northampton address to another or even from Northampton to a Northamptonshire village, consider taking the smaller and more manageable items in your own car and leave only the larger, heavier items to man and van services.

Remember, the longer man and van are on site the more it will cost, so if you are on a tight budget and looking to save money, the more you can do yourself, the cheaper it will be.