Man and Van - Packing Tips

Moving house is a big undertaking and highly involved process with a hundred and one things to do before you even leave your old home and correctly packing your belongings for transit is amongst the most time-consuming of those tasks but essential if your possessions are to arrive at your new address in perfect condition.

Whether you are moving from one Northampton address to another or from Northampton to another part of the country, care should be taken when packing for the move so planning and preparation is the key to making the process just a little easier.

Before you even begin to put items into cartons and bags, make certain everything you need is immediately to hand so you don’t find yourself having to stop what you’re doing to go and hunt for scissors or selotape for example.

Compile a checklist of all the things you’ll need from putting in the first item to sealing the carton or bag. The most obvious items will be packing material such as old newspapers, scissors, a craft knife or both; sealing tape, string, bubble wrap, a felt marker pen, labels and of course a good supply of cartons and boxes.

Packing is rarely the most welcome part of the moving process and not without its own particular stresses but essential it is done right especially if your furniture and valuable and treasured possessions are to survive the move across Northampton or across the country safely and intact.

It’s important to reiterate that regardless of how long or short the distance of your move, you should pack with care and perhaps more so if the move is within Northampton town itself because the journey will almost certainly involve lots of stopping and starting which could easily take their toll on your possessions if they are not packed securely.